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Juxby Incorporated Providing the best in class and highly qualified egineers in town

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In cases of Emergency this is the right place you are looking providing fast electrical maintanance services and catering to our customer needs.

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Our Services

Artificial Intelligence

For all your Automation related project needs this is the right place you are looking for,we cater to our clients need with utmost care.

Web Development

Most secure Web Automation systems to reduce labour,cost and time management including Accounting systems and Marketing systems.

Electrical services

A special service in which we implement our own innovations and products in creating smart electrical network services such as bluetooth switches,bluetooth adapters,wireless power etc....

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The best in class creative innovations providing the best services to our clients.

Qualified Engineers

Highly qualified at your service waiting to look to all your needs.

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Providing fast services and catering to our clients' need.

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    I had an incredible support system…my family, my husband, my friends, and my neighbours. Everyone came together in a way that I never would have expected.

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    It made all the difference to hand myself over to the Juxby Incorporated team with total and unconditional trust.

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    I am so thankful that I received a quick, amaizing,affordable Home Automation. This is not a common services—time and bills would have been still killing me.