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For all your Automation related project needs this is the right place you are looking for,we cater to our clients need with utmost care.

Web Development

Most secure Web Automation systems to reduce labour,cost and time management including Accounting systems and Marketing systems.

Electrical services

A special service in which we implement our own innovations and products in creating smart electrical network services such as bluetooth switches,bluetooth adapters,wireless power etc....

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Our Services

HOME AUTOMATION OR DOMOTICS is building automation for a home,called smart home or smart house.A home automation will control lighting,Climate,Entertaiment Systems and appliances.It also includes Home Security such as Access Control and alarm systems.

A Smart city is an Urban area that uses different Internet Of Things sensors to collect data and then use these data to manage assets and resources efficiently.This include data collection from citizens,devices and assets that is processed and analysed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems,power plants,water supply networks,waste management,crime detection,information systems,schools libraries,hospitals and other communication services.The smart City concept integrates information and communication technology(ICT),and variouse physical devices connected to the IoT Network to optimise the efficiency of city operations.

Vehicle Automation involves the use of mechatronics,artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems to assist a vehicle's operator.Our systems are developed per your request in the following categories:
4.Business(smart office vehicle automation service on offer)

Automation is the technology by which a process is perfomed with minimal human assistance.Automation or Automatic control is the use of variouse control systems for operating equipment such as machinery,processes in factories,boilers and heat treating ovens,switching on telephone networks.Juxby and its more than 25 trusted partners can Automate you Industry efficiently at affodable plans.

Electrical maintanance is the upkeep and preservation of equipment and system that supplies electricityt to a residential,industrial and commercial site.Our team can go in depth with you into fault finding and basic electrical services using our Automation devices such as:
1.cable fault detection systems.
2.electrical meter bypass alert system.
3.cable theft alert system.
4.over load detection.
5.change over systems.

Electrical projects helps minimise costs and labour as we integrate them with our Artificial Intelligence systems.Our Projects includes:
6.substation design with substation monitoring systems
7.transfomers servicing and maintanance systems

Our Web development services range from developing a simple static page to complex web based internet applications(Web Apps),electronic businesses and social network services.A more comprehensive list of our services commonly refers include:
1.Web Design.
2.Web Content Develoment.
3.Web Engineering.
4.client liaison.
5.client side/server side scripting.
6.e commerce development.

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The accuracy of our Various Research results over the different fields has been a result of the continous experiment carried out by our engineers to help the cause of the company which is to provide you the best possible service.


The services conducted by our engineers are always tracked monitored by senior Tecnical Experts so as to provide technologies for our Clients.All customised innovations are first simulated and tested before being published.


Creativity is the most important thing in Juxby Incorporated.Each and every employee of the company maintains a level of creativity to our clients so as to hold the integrity of company together.All the Innovations are customised to meet each client's needs .


We at Juxby Incorporated believe that service delayed is service denied, so our very objective is to provide fast and reliable services to all customers without differences


We are here for all your needs to provide the best in class Technology and Innovations